About Me

My name is Michio Green. I’m a student, an athlete, and an adventurer. I was born in Japan’s 3rd largest city, and raised in La Ronge, a small, remote town in Northern Saskatchewan. My name literally means, “Man on the Way, and I’ve been in motion from day I was born. I began skiing with the La Ronge Nordic Ski Team at the age of eleven, and was introduced to Biathlon through Cadets. At the age of fourteen, I was introduced to Provincial Biathlon Coach, Doug Sylvester, and I’ve been training with the Biathlon Saskatchewan provincial team since then.

When I couldn’t ski, I ran! I began running competitively, with the Churchill Community High School Track and Field team when I was fourteen, and joined the High School Cross-Country team at fifteen. Performing well in the top 10 at the provincial level, I plan to continue and improve. I’m now a freshman student enrolled in the Sports Studies Kinesiology program, at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. Augustana’s strong Biathlon and running programs were key in my choice of schools, and I’m now a member of the Vikings Biathlon and Cross-Country Running teams.

When I’m not training or studying, I enjoy pursuits ranging from singing, song writing, playing the guitar, film making and reviewing, riding my mountain unicycle, or going on outdoor adventures with my friends. As a child of the Canadian North, I am at home in the wild. I am most in my element when pushing my limits through trail running and skiing in the wild.

My goal this season is to break my personal best for the 8km at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Championships in Cross Country Running, and to place within the top 10 at Biathlon Nationals. In the future, I hope to represent Saskatchewan in the Canada Winter Games, and compete in the World University Championships.

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